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Easy Transfer Cable for Windows

The ONLY cable for transferring data and settings to a Windows® 10 PC!


£20.95 | €25,95 buy Now !
  • Easy-to-Use Wizard
  • Now Includes Free Transfer Assistance!
  • Set it and Forget it
  • Complete Selectivity
  • Multiple Transfer Scenarios
  • User Profile Selectivity
  • Undo Feature
  • Includes Laplink Ethernet Cable

Easy Transfer Cable Pricing

Laplink provides a number of Cable options for transferring your data

Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable for Windows is the ONLY cable for automatically transferring files, settings, and user profiles from an old PC to a Windows 10 PC. Other “easy transfer cables” are not compatible with Windows 10, but Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10. Plus, FREE 24/7 Transfer Assistance to ensure your PC is set up quickly and easily!

The Laplink Easy Transfer Cable for Windows allows users to perform a PC migration without overwriting anything on the new PC, or losing any files on the old PC. Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable for Windows is the fastest way to move to a new PC without leaving anything behind, even when there are different versions of Windows on the old and new PC.

Easy PC Setup: 3 Steps

  • 1


    Click through the easy step-by-step wizard and go!

  • 2


    Connect your old PC and your new PC with the Easy Transfer Cable.

  • 3

    Transfer !

    Everything you select will be automatically transferred to your new PC. Your new computer will have the same personality and functionality as your old PC.

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System Requirements

Windows 10 | 8.1 | 8 | 7 | Vista | XP | Media Center

200 MB of hard disk space

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